For Performers

For Performers

I utilise my performing and counselling experience by continuing to work with performers in a therapeutic context. As a guest lecturer at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, I have created and presented workshops to both staff and students on emotional well-being for performers. I am also an approved therapist with the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine Trust (BAPAM), where I support performers who are experiencing emotional difficulties and performance anxiety.

“Am I a performer because of the way that I am, or am I the way that I am because I am a performer?”

“Is performing who I am, or what I do… or both?”

These are questions that many performers ask themselves on a regular basis.

As a performer, there is an expectation that you present a confident exterior to the world, and yet, in reality, you might be struggling with low self-worth. I fully recognise the many pressures which performers might face on a daily basis. This could mean dealing with the feelings of worthlessness resulting from a performance or audition that has not gone well, self image issues, disordered eating patterns, escalating levels of alcohol consumption, recreational drugs, internet dependency, sexually compulsive behaviour, or a whole range of other difficult issues. Sometimes, an injury or illness might make seeking or maintaining work impossible.

It can be so hard to maintain the high level of performance which is expected of you, in order that you can earn a living, or simply feel OK about yourself. In our sessions, we can explore the origins of these issues, whilst also remaining aware of the necessity for you to feel in control of your performance.